At Hynix we know a lot about ..."DRAM Synergy" 
- The behavior of a chip not determined by the behavior of its user


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Hynix Semiconductor Maunfacturing America, Inc.
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Home to more than 140,000 people, Eugene is Oregon's second largest city. It covers approximately 41.5 square miles, with the Willamette River running through the heart of the city and the McKenzie River joining the Willamette to the north of town. The elevation is 426 above sea level and the city's topography features Skinner Butte to the north of downtown and the south, the landmark Spencer Butte, now a 310-acre city park.    Most Eugene residents  like the idea of stopping off on their  way home to do a little fly fishing, before  taking a siesta out beneath the portico which overlooks a garden of  gorgeous roses easily grown in the mild climate of the  Willamette Valley  and later,  heading down to the coast  for dinner.  Hynix is one of Lane County's largest employer's and has consistently grown throughout 2002 while other semiconductor companies located  in the larger cities has been plagued with lay-offs and downsizing due to  eroding DRAM values.  

Why have we continued  to grow while others haven't?  Hynix recognized long before a downturn in the economy, that only  companies willing to invest in new equipment to support the latest technology would  stay  viable during the buffeting experienced in hard times.  Hynix took a look at their assets, sacrificed their short term success,  upgraded their tools and technology and as a result, are now producing some of the most sophisticated DRAM on the market today.  Over 300 employees have been hired by Hynix just since July 2002.

HSMA lies nestled on a hillside  in the northwest quadrant of Eugene.  The plant was built in an area referred to as the Eugene  "Wetlands."  Wetlands are low water table areas which are the natural habitat for ducks, deer, fish, wild turkey and other animals as well as for hundreds of wildflower species.  Hynix had to meet some rigorous criteria before successfully gaining permission to  build on this site.  Taking a proactive stance to meet the challenge, Hynix developed a national award winning environmental program which protects the  surrounding wetlands & enhances  local wildlife habitats.  Black tail deer, rabbit, nutria, and several species of birds can be seen daily on and  around the  Hynix campus.

Meantime, Hynix Environmental  Engineers maintain a vigilant watch over the surrounding ecosystem to ensure our wildlife friends are protected and well cared for.   The Hynix ISO 14001 Environmental Policy is part of the Hynix attitude towards their surrounding environment which states:

Continuous improvement of processes;
Living by all laws and regulations;
Ensuring all views of interested parties are considered;
Adopting permanent solutions that prevent the sources of pollution;
Never settling for mere compliance;

Hynix is proud to be a working member of Oregon's  community and is constantly seeking ways to enhance and improve the working environment.

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